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Living a more stylish, conscious, considered life.


Considered is about living a more stylish, conscious, and considered life.

Taking the time to stop, think and be principle centered with your actions, decisions, and motivations.

Sustainable Living

Considered shines a light on sustainable brands and behaviours.

A volume driven system centred around delivering aspirational styles at affordable prices, glorifying ‘newness’ and encouraging an increasingly fast cycle of accumulation and disposal.

Think for yourself

Considered calls you to be your own therapist.

Humans are social beings by design, and as such don’t challenge the status quo enough. We don’t examine our subconscious behaviours, challenge dominant narratives, or address our blind spots.


Considered brings you the best in the tech and Consumer brands.

Tech is changing change the way we behave, and consumer brands are changing the way we shop. Monzo means we never have to visit a bank again, and Everlane is fuelling a collective demand for transparency.


the subscribers

“The considered newsletter is the weekly highlight of my inbox. My favourite part is the ‘Think about it. Take a second. Ding’ (thanks Snoop Dogg) where Shope challenges a commonly held belief, and encourages us to do the same. It’s all in all really insightful and authentic content. ”

“I’ve discovered so many fashion brands through the Considered newsletter. Some of them have a direct focus on sustainability through the materials they use, however some of them just retail beautiful, long-lasting pieces. It’s a must-have if you’re considering phasing out of shopping fast-fashion but aren’t sure where to start.”