An Actress Grapples With Her Sexuality and Ends a Lineage Of Shame: Paige Gilber

Paige discusses 'the grey area', and highlights what that feels like in reference to her sexuality, her desires, and her career choice. Given the socially accepted ideologies of just about everything is a polarised: yes or no, hot or cold, her stream of consciousness about navigating nuance, feels a little like a therapy session. Plus her energy, is infectious.

"I’ve been feeling this sense of loneliness. And, I’ve been putting all of this pressure and attention on romance. And it is exhausting. I don’t want to want a relationship. And everyday I wake up and think 'Maybe I’ll walk outside and find my soulmate, and EVERYTHING is going change, and flowers are going to bloom.' It’s not true, but that’s the story, I have running in my head. There are days where I am so comfortable with myself, and I'm loving on myself. But that is also filtered through ‘Well if you love on yourself then somebody else can lurrrvee you’…It all goes back to “Where’s the bae? Where’s the bae?”
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