Creatively talking about my lack of creativity


I like being creative – however I don’t feel as if I’m particularly ‘good’ at it.

The creativity gods gave me a house with no electricity, or running water.

Or furniture.

Or floorboards. 

They partially failed me, in that, a heady and impatient creative energy exists within me, but they clearly took a divine lunch break, at the exact point of assigning me my outlet. 

You see, ~creatives~ often have talents that are simple extensions of themselves. A spark appears, igniting in the form of a painting, a song, a piece of writing, a garment. A something. Whereas in my case, I often feel as if my creativity is akin to lighter that is broken only when in my possession. 


On a similar but un-related note, label-police within creative industries tickle me. 

With comments like “You’re not a photographer just because you own a DSLR”, or “When they download logic, and think they are producers”, or “Being a real blogger is hard work, and I hate the fact that everyone calls themselves a blogger nowadays”, they take no prisoners. I often end up wondering what the root of such comments are, and why they are lined with a thick, sticky layer of superiority. What someone chooses to call themselves, bears no relation on your life, your ‘grind’, your struggle, or your creative process. I assure you, it will not undermine your creativity. You will receive work on your own creative merit. You will not lose clients because Jack’s dad bought him a camera, he took a picture of his dog, and called himself a photographer. 

Who are you to regulate the actions of someone else who is attempting receive the same sense of fulfilment that you receive from your creative work?