David Whyte - The Conversational Nature of Reality

A slow conversation with David Whyte, poet and philosopher, that is centred around nuance, the unknown, and the necessity of cutting through noise in order to gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. It is not a listen that leaves you with any answers, or 'actionables' but rather, will leave you with a myriad of questions. (Which I think given the nature of the discussion, was the actually the point).

"The only place in which things are real are at this frontier between what you think is you, and what you think is not will. What you desire of the world will not come to pass, and what the world desires of you will not neccessarily come to pass. What will occur, is the frontier between the two."
"I began to realise that my identity depended not on any beliefs I had, be them inherited or manufactured, but rather, on how much attention I was paying to things that were other than myself."
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