The Muslim on the Airplane: Amal Kassir

Amal speaks of the necessity of independent thought, empathy, curiosity, and the destructive nature of stereotyping, fake news, and unfounded bias. She frames all of this within the context, of asking someone: "What is your name?".

"Let’s make it clear. Countries are deporting refugee’s. News coverage refers to these refugee’s as migrants. Because, deporting migrants sounds way more reasonable that deporting individuals who have been forced to flee their country because of persecution, war, of violence. And in naming these people his way, we’ve attributed to them a choice, instead of a circumstance; some economic gain, instead of desperation."

"In the world of mass media, and rampant misinformation, it is hard for anyone, including myself, to deconstruct all of these terrifying stories that we hear. Sometimes instead of isolating them, individualising them, we tend to paint a group of people with a broad brush. Until suddenly, everyone with a hijab is a rag head that needs liberating, everyone with white skin is a racist cracker, or everyone with black skin is a fatherless n****r, or everyone who looks like my father is going to blow up the airplane, or if the killer had a light complexion he’s just a mentally fragile lone wolf. And we come to this point, where we feel like we don’t even need to ask for their names, because we already gave it to them."
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