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 Photo by Mariana Pires.

Photo by Mariana Pires.



I've been blogging on and off since 2010; though nowadays I'm a little shy of my being recognised as a 'blogger', for a few reasons:

One - I had a distinct discomfort with essentially being a poster child for 'unconscious consumption'. The brands I was working with encouraged unthoughtful purchase habits (accumulate a bunch of trend-driven pieces, wear them for a few months, dispose of them because they rip, or perspex heels go out of fashion, and then do it all again next season), and I want to train myself away from these.

Two - the blogging industry is a bit funny. 

Three - I didn't have the time.

Four - I wanted to change my 'brand', in the sense that I wanted my digital footprint to reflect my 'ideal self' (or the 'Shope' that I'm working towards being).


At Shope Adisa, you'll find all of the sources of information that in some way, inform my plight to attempt to live a more stylish, conscious and considered life. I value self-exploration, solitude, and developing an ability to discern those things that are worth emotional expenditure, and those that are not. I enjoy reading, working out and pursuing productivity, but am conscious not to cement my identity in my ability to grasp a complex concept, or begin every morning at 5.30am, in the downward dog. My interests as of late involve translating my beliefs into action, improving my memory, and not being so existential and stressed all of the time.

I promise to leave all trivial self-love quotes, pseudo-authenticity, and americanised 10-ways-to-change-your-life-esque-certainty to the mainstream publications who jumped onto the well-being bandwagon, and broke it. You know, those publications that have essentially reduced the concept of self exploration to conventionally beautiful women hashtagging #embraceyourflaws, and sponsored articles about the best lather for our self-care bubble baths. I fail to see how lounging around in your own dirty water is an act of self-love*. Unpopular opinion: baths are gross!!


I hope you enjoy all that I am learning from.




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